Free Web Hosting May Not Be A Good Choice

By January 24, 2016February 13th, 2016Web Hosting
Free Web Hosting May Not Be A Good Choice

It has been 7 over years since the last low in the economy and it may just be on its way back again. Everyone from businesses to individuals are cutting cost and finding ways to make the best out of their dollars, but, is it always a good choice to take free goods and services? Will it make business sense to do so? Let us talk a little about free web hosting and why it may not be a good choice for most of us.

Advertisements, advertisements, and more advertisements

Many companies who offer free web hosting services tend to place advertisements on their customer’s websites. Usually out of customer’s control, the advertisements are positioned on header or side areas. Some companies slant advertisements towards the site topic and in unwanted scenarios, the competition’s advertisements could be appearing alongside. The downside of having too many advertisements on your web pages can also put off visitors as it reduces the customer experience.

Limited Customer Support

Free web hosting plans are not charging customers money and hence will have limited working budget to manage the business. As a result, most free web hosting providers will operate with very limited or even no customer support. You will probably end up looking for answers to your web hosting problems in public forums. This would also mean that if something happens to your website, there will be no urgency from the hosting company to rectify the problem. If your website fails often, you will not be getting much sales conversions and this in turn cost you substantial profits.

Lack of Unique Website Themes

There are many things lacking in free web hosting. While there are some free web hosting providers that do not require advertisement posting on free web hosting accounts, most of them are still unable to provide marketing or analytic tools. Most free hosting companies do not offer a web-based control panel to allow administration of a web site. Your website is simply another cookie-cutter website and you can’t easily change the look of your website, install a tracking code or upload additional images to your website.

What Now

Free web hosting can be very useful in many scenarios. For example, you might want to set up a website just for learning, or to share simple information or even to have fun. However, if you intend to get more serious in hosting a website for an important business and in growing your audience, it does not pay to use a free web hosting account.